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Guide to stimulate the G-spot

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on July 13, 2023

Guide to stimulate the G-spot

How many of us have always wondered, will it really exist? And where exactly is it located? Why massage it? And above all how to stimulate it in the right way? These are the main questions that go through many people’s heads when it comes to the G-spot, that most sensitive erogenous zone capable of giving unbridled orgasms.

Today for you Escort Milano has decided to create this guide to learn how to stimulate the G-spot correctly, starting with the age-old question does the G-spot really exist?

Truth or legend: does the G-spot really exist?

On the existence of the G-spot, many sexologists from all over the world have had to say for many it exists and for others it doesn’t, all this is fought by years and years of anatomical research conducted on various women because to actually understand if the G-spot exists or not . And what are the results? In sexologists who say that the G-spot exists is a bump that is 3/5 cm from the entrance to the vagina on the anterior wall.

For other sexologists, on the other hand, they declare that there is no evidence of the existence of the G-spot and that it is only mentioned to fuel a business-related issue. So where is the truth that even science is contradictory? Meanwhile, we are in doubt whether or not there is how to correctly stimulate the G-spot and where to find it.

How to find it.

To find the G-spot if it exists we should start by exploring the vagina, if you don’t have a steady partner, even with a woman for casual sex you can experience this magical search.

Once you are together with her, during foreplay you can start exploring the vagina by inserting a finger up to the first phalanxes. Press lightly on the upper wall and if your woman has a reaction, continue to massage her until you penetrate her deeply.

In theory, when a woman tries to be excited, the G-spot tries to swell and it becomes even easier to feel it under the fingers.

How to stimulate it.

Once you have identified the G-spot, it’s time to stimulate it to make your woman experience a pleasant orgasm. To stimulate him correctly there are three ways that we are about to reveal to you then it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits you and your woman.

Hand stimulation

For those who choose G-spot stimulation with their hands, we recommend using the index and middle fingers together to have stimulation on the entire surface of the inside of the vagina, once stimulated you will feel a swelling at which time you can start a massage with rotational movements. In this way you will greatly excite your partner making her experience maximum pleasure.

Stimulation with vibrator

We come now with the stimulation of the G-spot with the vibrator, in these cases it is advisable to offer this stimulation to a woman who appreciates the use of sex toys, being that not everyone can like it.

Massaging the G-spot with a vibrator is very simple, after a good dose of foreplay penetrate your woman’s vagina with a vibrator, before penetration make sure that the vibrator is lubricated with a lubricating gel. Once inserted, activate it and he will start to stimulate with vibrations (you can decide the intensity of the vibrator).

G-spot and squirting

To make your partner have a female ejaculation like the ones you see in a porn film that simulate a fountain orgasm, the technique lies in stimulating the G- spot together with the clitoris with the right manual techniques and with a lot of patience you will be able to give your partner an orgasm like a real porn actress.

We are at the end of our G-spot stimulation guide, if you don’t find the G-spot in your partner don’t damn yourself not all women have it.

If, on the other hand, you have success thanks to our little guide and you have satisfied your partner in bed, let us know by giving us your opinion.